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    A multidisciplinary art project developed especially for the Schwetzingen garden, curated by Sarah Maria Sun and bringing together two artists who have never worked together before: the young Chilean composer Tamara Miller and artist and choreographer Grace Ellen Barkey.

    'Imagined Garden | Night version' combines sound, visual art, science, technology and botany in a single installation and transforms the Hektagon into a mysterious nocturnal experience space, a garden of possibilities and memories.

    Beauty is only beautiful when it is impermanent!

    While visiting Salzkammergut, Barkey observed how climate change affects this region. Poetic statements also transport this dystopia into the Kalvarienkirche in Gosau. At first glance it appears that plants are covering the windows, and it is only upon closer inspection that it becomes clear that they are all in a state of decay. On the floor of the church there will be a mosaic made of dried leaves that have been collected by the artist.


    Haunted by the night and inspired both by her ancestors and the Javanese theatre of shadows wayang, Grace Ellen Barkey, who was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, enters into a dialogue with the obscure and searches for forms of re-imagination in her installative performance MALAM / NIGHT.

    EXPLO XL: Under the name Xenia - or the virtue of hospitality - the work of Leyla Aydoslu, Willem Boel, Dirk Braeckman, Helen A Flanagan, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Simon Lenski, Maarten Seghers, Grace Tjang (Grace Ellen Barkey), George van Dam, Emma van der Put, Har van der Put, Oscar van der Put and Guy Woueté is brought together in a group exhibition that can be freely viewed for eleven days in MILL, Molenbeek.


    Grace Ellen Barkey is working on new site-specific installations.

    In her installation at the 'Coup de Ville 2020' artistic circuit in Sint-Niklaas, Barkey starts from Bambi's perspective. Can we still look at nature innocently?

    On 3 and 4 July, at MILL, Needcompany’s laboratory, we will be presenting a durational performance of 2 x 8 hours: The House of Our Fathers / Mothers of Inventions, a reimagining of a durational installation conceived by Jan Lauwers and Needcompany more than 10 years ago. Now the house is being realised in Molenbeek by Grace Ellen Barkey, Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers and 20 performers of all generations. It will be Corona-proof and full of the joy of the making.


    With Day and Night Grace Ellen Barkey occupies Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam. Several installations invite the viewer to become part of her sense-oriented work.


    On the basis of his lifelong archives, Jan Lauwers is building a monumental installation in which he reinterprets past works and materials and confronts them with art history.


    If art does not penetrate the observer’s memory it does not exist.


    If art does not penetrate the observer’s memory it does not exist.


    This installation is the result of non-preconceived aim. An anti-conceptual delusion.


    If art does not penetrate the observer’s memory it does not exist.

    If art does not penetrate the observer’s memory it does not exist.


    In the museum installations (deconstructions) there are performances lasting a whole day, and the observer decides for himself how long he wants to watch a particular action.

    If art does not penetrate the observer’s memory it does not exist.


    In The Porcelain Project | Installation , Lemm&Barkey have create a world in which porcelain objects move. These ...


    Jan Lauwers’ art work has an independent existence, but receives support from Needcompany whenever his visual and theatrical worlds ...

    Jan Lauwers’ art SUMMER EXHIBITION - GRIMBERGEN 2002 ...

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