We live in exceptional times. Once again, many governments in Europe are taking additional measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We understand these decisions. Although art can bring some light in this dark period, we have to recognize the pressure that is on our health system and think about those who provide care for others, for those in need.

It’s not easy to put our productions - on which we have worked hard and were eager to show to the world - on hold but it is the only responsible choice at this moment. We need to do everything we can to support and show our respect and solidarity with the hardworking people in the health care sector.

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Molly Bloom presents the inner monologue of the unfaithful wife of Leopold Bloom. A new creation by Viviane De Muynck and Jan Lauwers, based on the final chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

About Needcompany

Needcompany is launching MILL's Beauty Salon, a fellowship committed to supporting artists in thinking, dreaming and creating. It is open to all nationalities & ages and designed for artists who have developed an independent body of work over a number of years. We want to address the question of whether the era of BEAUTY is over and whether REALITY has now become the main topic of artistic interest. Is it the case that the true moment of exploration occurs when one word is mistaken for another? All the information on the application can be found here.

All the good tells a story about loss and hope. A love story at a time in which Europe is sacrificing its values and a large group of people are succumbing to hate and incomprehension.

In Billy’s Violence, Shakespeare’s 13 tragedies are explored and rewritten to create a new story. Shakespeare’s violence: the impossible fifth act of King Lear, Caesar’s gruesome death, the brutality of Titus Andronicus, and so on. Is this gratuitous, entertaining, necessary or impossible?

4 September 2020
Bambi's Perspective @ Coup De Ville, Sint-Niklaas

Grace Ellen Barkey's recent installations investigate the transposition of a room into a narrow space and invite the viewer to become part of the sensory work. She collects, films and photographs flowers and leaves from her own Brussels city garden and its immediate surroundings and creates “a claustrophobic look at the idea that people are mortal and nature is eternal. Beauty is only beautiful when it is fleeting. Only then is when she gets a history.”

In her installation at the 'Coup de Ville' artistic circuit in Sint-Niklaas, Barkey starts from Bambi's perspective. Can we still look at nature innocently?

'Coup de Ville' (WARP arts platform) will take place from September 11 to October 11 at various locations in Sint-Niklaas.

30 June 2020
MILL's BEAUTY SALON - a fellowship programme

MILL’S REALITY SALON is a fellowship developed by and within Needcompany. It was born of the desire to continue the multidisciplinary artistic exploration that Needcompany began more than 30 years ago. We have designed this initiative, to the value of 10,000 euros, to give artists the opportunity to think and create timelessly, rather than in a results-oriented way. Our aim is to establish new, lasting connections. For MILL’S REALITY SALON we are therefore inviting artists who have never collaborated with Needcompany before. The application scheme is launched and open to all nationalities and ages.

13 March 2020

Following the measures of the Belgian federal government aimed at halting the spread of the coronavirus, the performances of All the good and Forever in April, May and June will be postponed. New dates yet to be determined.

In times of social distancing, Needcompany believes it is important to continue to share its art. And with theatre doors closed for the foreseeable future, we made a special selection of Needcompany shows and films to beam to your living room.

In the meantime, the Needcompany team remains contactable. Please take care of yourself and others.

25 February 2020
Day of Dance

The 5th edition of Dance Day on April 25th 2020 is cancelled. Needcompany and Peeping Tom wish they could have welcomed you to a diverse and appealing program at MILL. Unfortunately, due to the current measures to limit the further spread of the coronavirus, this edition cannot take place.

We are looking for a new date to present Goldberg Variations by George van Dam and Simon Lenski.

Please save the date. Next year, Dance Day will take place on Saturday April 24th 2021.

Tour dates

November 2020
24 NovAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE) Postponed
26 NovEXPLOMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE) Postponed
27 NovEXPLOMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE) Postponed
28 NovEXPLOMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE) Postponed
December 2020
29 DecProbabilities of Independent Events Bozar (Brussels BE) Postponed
30 DecProbabilities of Independent Events Bozar (Brussels BE) Postponed
Tour dates

November 2020
24 NovAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis Postponed
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany) Postponed
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany) Postponed
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany) Postponed
December 2020
29 DecProbabilities of Independent Events
 Brussels BE  Bozar Postponed
30 DecProbabilities of Independent Events
 Brussels BE  Bozar Postponed
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