All the good tells a story about loss and hope. A love story at a time in which Europe is sacrificing its values and a large group of people are succumbing to hate and incomprehension.

Intolleranza 1960 is an opera that presents more questions than answers. Can it in fact be called an ‘opera’ at all, or is its role as a statement of much greater importance? Does it transcend its own political content when it is staged today, as Intolleranza 2020?

In Probabilities of Independent Events, Barkey returns to absurdity. Anything is possible. It can’t fail.

The Band Facing the Wrong Way ignores the wall of the theatre against which it is bellowing. It sings past the wall. Or else it gets through it. Or else the wall moves aside. Or not, and everyone and everything crashes into it. What counts is the effort it takes.

‘No one can sustain constant praise of life. Death or, rather, the finiteness of human life deserves a song or a dance too.’

18 February 2020
Day of Dance

Day of Dance has been in existence for 5 years. One of the highlights of this ode to contemporary dance in Brussels and Flanders takes place at the Gosset building. On April 25th, Needcompany and Peeping Tom open their doors and would like to invite you to a diverse and appealing program.

In the afternoon we present Goldberg Variations by George van Dam and Simon Lenski at MILL. With an eye on performance and visual art, they add context to this iconic work by Bach and develop its internal structure, whilst preserving its musical integrity.

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31 January 2020
Magnolia @ UZ Jette

In the entrance hall of the University Hospital in Jette, Grace Ellen Barkey exhibits two site-specific works: Magnolia and Night Magnolia.

Grace Ellen Barkey transports us with her day-night images into an imaginary universe in which time no longer matters and life presents itself as a course of nature. The hall of the hospital is a transit full of crowds. And sometimes also a resting place where you can find beauty through art. - Luk Lambrecht

You can visit the exhibition until April 30th at UZ Brussel, Laarbeeklaan 101, 1090 Jette.

15 November 2019
December Dance 19

Needcompany is curating December Dance 19, the annual Bruges contemporary dance festival from Concertgebouw Brugge and Cultuurcentrum Brugge. Grace Ellen Barkey, Jan Lauwers and Maarten Seghers have made an idiosyncratic selection spanning continents, genres and generations.

Needcompany will be opening and closing the festival with premieres, and in between has selected works by both established and new icons of contemporary dance, performance and music: William Forsythe, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, MaisonDahlBonnema, Sung-Im Her, Dana Michel, Miet Warlop, Wim Vandekeybus, United Cowboys, Mohamed Toukabri, Simon Lenski, George van Dam and Fouad Boussouf. The friends of Cinemaximiliaan contribute an atmospheric combination of film concert and family feast.

14 January 2019
Witte de With

Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, the director of Witte de With, and Samuel Saelemakers, its curator, have invited Grace Ellen Barkey to add visual and performative content to the current exhibition.

Barkey will occupy the third floor, with several installations that invite the viewer to become part of her sense-oriented work. Her installations form a study of the transposition from a space to a narrowness. She has been collecting, photographing and filming flowers, leaves and other flora from her town garden and immediate surroundings. This provides a claustrophobic look at the notion that people are mortal while nature is eternal. Beauty is only appealing when it is transient. Only then does it acquire a history.

Tour dates

February 2020
29 FebConcert by a Band Facing the Wrong WayRijeka 2020 (Rijeka HR)
March 2020
03 MarAll the GoodRijeka 2020 (Rijeka HR)
04 MarAll the GoodRijeka 2020 (Rijeka HR)
06 MarFOREVERRijeka 2020 (Rijeka HR)
April 2020
01 AprAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE)
02 AprAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE)
03 AprAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE)
04 AprAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE)
28 AprFOREVERThéâtre Garonne (Toulouse FR)
29 AprFOREVERThéâtre Garonne (Toulouse FR)
Tour dates

February 2020
29 FebConcert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way
 Rijeka HR  Rijeka 2020
March 2020
03 MarAll the Good
 Rijeka HR  Rijeka 2020
04 MarAll the Good
 Rijeka HR  Rijeka 2020
 Rijeka HR  Rijeka 2020
April 2020
01 AprAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis
02 AprAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis
03 AprAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis
04 AprAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis
 Toulouse FR  Théâtre Garonne
 Toulouse FR  Théâtre Garonne
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