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    Only the jester can express critical thoughts to the king without fear. OHNO COOPERATION (Maarten Seghers, Jan Lauwers and Elke Janssens) takes this privilege as a mission in its study of the place of art and the artist in society.

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    A sensual & entertaining glimpse at a 5-year relationship of a young director with a group of artists who made a fundamental choice of putting creativity beyond everything else in their lives.


    C-Song Variations  tells several stories about people and fate. The link between all these ‘sea songs’ is the ...


    Farewell to Warhol The last performance of Images of Affection was in Rakvere on 16 June ...


    Jan Lauwers has been working on the C-Songs since 2001. He wrote and directed a short film without words ...

    During 18 months Jan Lauwers was followed closely by cinematographer Nico Leunen. This film tells the story of a ...


    “You have the ability to turn this paradise into a living hell.” In this reversal from paradise to hell, the story develops into a modern-day fable in which man becomes the sum of his secrets, his past and his moral choices.

    From Alexandria
    The Moustache of Duchamp
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