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  • Beauty is only beautiful when it is impermanent!

    A multidisciplinary art project developed especially for the Schwetzingen garden, curated by Sarah Maria Sun and bringing together two artists who have never worked together before: the young Chilean composer Tamara Miller and artist and choreographer Grace Ellen Barkey.

    'Imagined Garden | Night version' combines sound, visual art, science, technology and botany in a single installation and transforms the Hektagon into a mysterious nocturnal experience space, a garden of possibilities and memories.

    Songs of Disconnection is a next step in Seghers’ research into the potentially tragic relationship between entertainer and spectator. This resides in the irresistible urge to share and connect and the essential impossibility of doing so.

    For Billy's Violence, Victor Afung Lauwers researched the ten tragedies of Shakespeare and rewrote them into violently loving, intimate dialogues in which the woman is the central focus, stripped of any historical reference or anecdotal content.

    After the success of Billy's Violence, the desire to continue this intense tale was so strong amongst the artistic team, cast and crew that it has led to a sequel: Billy’s Joy. Once again, Victor Lauwers turns his hand to reworking Shakespeare’s plays and see what they can still mean in our time - a time of great controversies, vulgar polemics, cancel culture, structural racism, climate change, war. What is there left to laugh at? Is humour the coward's weapon or a form of activism?

    Passages is an encountering between several disciplines in the museum

    A Sublime Mistake — played by Gonzalo Cunill — is a new character based on all the slightly lost male characters in Jan Lauwers’ oeuvre. An intimate portrait of a man who looks at the world in astonishment and fails to understand why he is even part of it.

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