Inte en tråkig stund. Lysande, helt enkelt.
Tommi Salmela - (5 April 2013)

(...) Absurdity is undoubtedly in focus in Grace Ellen Barkey’s choreographic world. And the Brussels-based Needcompany, which she has been running with the director Jan Lauwers since 1986, is considered one of Europe’s most iconic theatre groups. Here, dance, theatre and vocalisms are interwoven without scruples, without inhibitions and even though the work isn’t seamless in terms of basic craftsmanship – the different bodies – it is a sheer delight to see the seven company members generously and liberating take on the remarkable and inspiring material. The music, written for the performance by The Residents art collective, has its natural place, accentuating rather than taking over. What did I actually see? Well, definitely nothing I’ve ever seen before and above all something that must be experienced. It’s hard to sum up exactly what enriched the piece. The burlesque humour, the hallucinatory – if one dares call it – thread that runs through it, and the total boundlessness is intoxicating and so very enchanting. And interweaving it with the sensual, suggestive duet, in which the magical Yumiko Funaya (sic) Sung-Im Her does a sensational worm-like mermaid, broadens and deepens the performance locus. Yes, to then be thrown into a bizarre, comical and awkward courtship between Maarten Seghers and Catherine Travelletti. There are many abrupt transitions, which are majorly liberating – and there is not one dull moment throughout the 85 minute long show. Quite simply brilliant! (...)

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