EXPLO XL: Under the name Xenia - or the virtue of hospitality - the work of Leyla Aydoslu, Willem Boel, Dirk Braeckman, Helen A Flanagan, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Simon Lenski, Maarten Seghers, Grace Tjang (Grace Ellen Barkey), George van Dam, Emma van der Put, Har van der Put, Oscar van der Put and Guy Woueté is brought together in a group exhibition that can be freely viewed for eleven days in MILL, Molenbeek.

For Billy's Violence, Victor Afung Lauwers researched the ten tragedies of Shakespeare and rewrote them into violently loving, intimate dialogues in which the woman is the central focus, stripped of any historical reference or anecdotal content.

Molly Bloom presents the inner monologue of the unfaithful wife of Leopold Bloom. A new creation by Viviane De Muynck and Jan Lauwers, based on the final chapter of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

In Lauwers’s setting for L’incoronazione di Poppea at the Vienna State Opera, his melancholy yet cheerful, humorous and sceptical style meets the great human draughtsman that is Monteverdi. All participants meet on one level: “In our version of L'incoronazione di Poppea every singer, musician and dancer is an independent force – and everyone wants to survive as one”.

Haunted by the night and inspired both by her ancestors and the Javanese theatre of shadows wayang, Grace Ellen Barkey, who was born in Surabaya, Indonesia, enters into a dialogue with the obscure and searches for forms of re-imagination in her installative performance MALAM / NIGHT.

11 October 2021

13 artists during 11 days with 4 premieres, 3 performances and all at 1 address: MILL and curators Victor Afung Lauwers and Oscar van der Put present Xenia or the virtue of hospitality, an XL version of the annual EXPLO.

After a long period of remoteness and caution, it is time to open the doors and let hospitality rule. That is exactly what Xenia wants to achieve. Besides presenting the work of a varied group of artists from Belgium and abroad, this EXPLO wants above all to be a place of encounter. Between artists, between friends, between old acquaintances and new faces. Between people. Welcome!

27 September 2021
Worldpremiere MALAM / NIGHT

On 7 October 2021 Grace Tjang (Grace Ellen Barkey) presents MALAM / NIGHT, a new performative installation at 'The Sun Machine Is Coming Down' in Berlin. Obsessed with the night, tormented by insomnia and inspired by Wayang - the Javanese shadow play - and her ancestors, she enters into a dialogue with the dark and invites the audience to share a meditative experience.

'The Sun Machine Is Coming Down' is a multidisciplinary festival organised by Berliner Festspiele. From 7 to 17 October, the International Congress Centre (ICC) - a disused architectural icon - will be brought to life with performances, installations, films and music.

21 September 2021
On the road again...

A new season, a new (well-filled) calendar. Needcompany can be seen all over Europe this autumn with no less than five productions; Billy's Violence, Molly Bloom, MALAM / NIGHT, the return of All the good and the opera L'Incoronazione di Poppea.

Some highlights on the calendar are the world premiere of MALAM / NIGHT, the new performative installation by Grace Tjang (Grace Ellen Barkey) in Berlin, the Belgian premiere of Billy's Violence in Kaaitheater, Brussels and the impressive series of Molly Bloom in MC93 in Paris.

And then we have a few surprises up our sleeve... Stay tuned!

4 March 2021

In October 2020, we launched a call for presence with MILLL'S BEAUTY REALITY SALON. With a grant of EUR 10000, we wanted to enable artists to create timelessly and develop their artistic practice in a non-result-oriented way.

We received more than 200 applications from all over the world. Making a choice was not easy and we would like to explicitly thank all artists for generously sharing their ideas and motivations.

Today we are delighted to announce the two laureates of the first edition of MILL'S BEAUTY REALITY SALON.

Tour dates

October 2021
21 OctMolly BloomMC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny (Bobigny FR)
21 OctEXPLO: XeniaMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE) Premiere
22 OctAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE)
22 OctEXPLO: XeniaMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE)
22 OctMolly BloomMC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny (Bobigny FR)
23 OctEXPLO: XeniaMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE)
23 OctAll the GoodToneelhuis (Antwerp BE)
23 OctMolly BloomMC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny (Bobigny FR)
24 OctEXPLO: XeniaMILL (Needcompany) (Brussels BE)
24 OctMolly BloomMC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny (Bobigny FR)
Tour dates

October 2021
21 OctMolly Bloom
 Bobigny FR  MC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny
21 OctEXPLO: Xenia
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany) Premiere
22 OctAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis
22 OctEXPLO: Xenia
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany)
22 OctMolly Bloom
 Bobigny FR  MC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny
23 OctEXPLO: Xenia
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany)
23 OctAll the Good
 Antwerp BE  Toneelhuis
23 OctMolly Bloom
 Bobigny FR  MC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny
24 OctEXPLO: Xenia
 Brussels BE  MILL (Needcompany)
24 OctMolly Bloom
 Bobigny FR  MC93 - Maison de la culture de Bobigny
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