All is vanity after Claire Goll and The Lobster Shop - two performances by Jan Lauwers
Fabienne Arvers et P.S - Les Inrockuptibles (25 July 2006)

Lauwers attaches to this same lobster a whole caboodle – a ‘jumble’ – in his new play performed by Grace Ellen Barkey and the rest of his permanent company. We also encounter a newcomer, the extremely charming Inge Van Bruystegem, a 14-year-old Lolita, in a play that combines a family drama with unambiguous opinions about the riots in the suburbs, never losing sight of the humour we so much appreciate in his work. This gives the performance the breeziness of a contemporary musical. In mannered dialogues that appear to come straight out of a television novelette, Lauwers sets these minor dramas against the background of an exhibition on totemic art and taboos – a humourous reinterpretation of delving into the inner being. A labyrinth. There is dancing everywhere, both in the farthest corners of the set and on the forestage. Group movement in unison or minimalist solos of a rare intensity, such as Grace Ellen Barkey’s dance with outstretched arms in which she mourns a husband and son. After Isabella’s Room, this Lobster Shop seems like a second episode in Jan Lauwers’ plan to write a chronicle of the search for happiness, which to many people may come as a shock.

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