Ruben Romero - Revista Paisajes (-- May 2011)

The versatile Jan Lauwers brings an amusing and heterodox show to Barcelona. An actor, incapable of remembering his lines, decides to put an end to his life. But – binding divineness – he will do it in a reality show, in one final act in front of his millions of fans. This is the starting plot of The Art of Entertainment, a show by the Belgian Needcompany. Behind such a (apparently) despairing starting point there is a comical reflection over art and profession on behalf of Jan Lauwers. The iconoclastic director, choreographer, painter and whatnot, does not know of stylistic barriers in the art world. If his trilogy Sad Face / Happy Face raised him to the Olympus of European theatre, it sure seems that his new work, released this month in Spain, will not stay behind. The decadence of Occident is shown to us through the dialogue between the actor, his great love (to whom he has made love to more than a thousand times), an egomaniac chef and, of course, the host of the tripe show that broadcasts the whole feat. Everything is allowed as long as the audience comes out with a smile (and many ideas about the world we live in) once the curtain goes down.

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