On the wings of time
Armelle Héliot - Le Figaro (12 July 2006)

One of the queens of the festival, Viviane De Muynck of Jan Lauwers’ Needcompany. ... Like a fairy, Viviane makes time and distance disappear and gives Claire Goll a new life, a new presence. ... A balanced and powerful staging, with spots that move back and forth, a platform in light wood that looks crooked (all of which, like the directing, is the work of Jan Lauwers) and the actress alone, who has made the play outstandingly her own. Apparently the only thing she adopted from the real person was the rectangular spectacles, but her entire being is like Goll. With her stirring voice she reconstructs her for us, the woman of whom only memories remain, chased by the wind. It is poignant. Often humorous and heart-rending. Theatre of a very high standard.

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