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Day of Dance

Day of Dance has been in existence for 5 years. One of the highlights of this ode to contemporary dance in Brussels and Flanders takes place at the Gosset building. On April 25th 2020, Needcompany and Peeping Tom open their doors and would like to invite you to a diverse and appealing program.

11:00 Doors open Peeping Tom
Doors open at the Peeping Tom Studio, the new home of Peeping Tom and Faso Danse Theatre. Throughout the day, you can enjoy coffee and cake and visit the studio to discover more about the world of Peeping Tom.

11:30 – 13:30 Open workshop with Samuel Lefeuvre
Discover the new Peeping Tom studio for yourself in this open workshop taught by Samuel Lefeuvre, Peeping Tom dancer in Le Salon, Le Sous Sol and A Louer and founder of his own company Demestri & Lefeuvre (with Florencia Demestri). He’ll take you into the basics of Peeping Tom’s universe, with dancing, moving and elements from theatre. The workshop is open to everyone, from all ages and backgrounds and is completely free. You’re also very welcome to simply observe. Let us know if you’re planning to come

14:00 – 15:30 Third Act
Third Act is a film by Belgian documentary filmmakers Mieke Struyve and Lotte Stoops about ageing, about caring and being cared for. The story is told from the perspective of ageing actors and local senior citizens, performing with Peeping Tom. Life is a stage, but what happens when the curtain is about to fall? This documentary follows the culturally eclectic theatrical family on tour around the world with the trilogy Vader, Moeder and Kind. The theme of this trilogy, ageing and family, touches everybody's lives, including those of the actors themselves. In the film sublimated theatrical stories are woven together with sensitive personal contributions.

15:30 Doors open at MILL
Doors open at MILL, the workplace of Grace Ellen Barkey, Maarten Seghers, Jan Lauwers, Oscar van der Put, Simon Lenski, Lot Lemm, Kuiperskaai and all other artists linked to Needcompany.

16:00 – 17:00 Goldberg Variations*
George van Dam and Simon Lenski take a contemporary approach to Bach's Goldberg Variations. With an eye on performance and visual art, they add context to this iconic work and develop its internal structure, whilst preserving its musical integrity. George van Dam performs the Goldberg Variations on harpsichord in their entirety. Simon Lenski fulfils the role of dancer-performer, drawing on his insight into the score as a musician. Unconventionally conventional. Or to quote Friedrich Schiller: Be a child of your time, but do not become its product.
The capacity of our studio at MILL is limited. We are kindly asking you to reserve your seats by sending an e-mail.

17:00 Aftertalk and drinks at MILL


* Goldberg Variations
music: Johann Sebastian Bach
concept, performance & dance: Simon Lenski
concept & harpsichord: George van Dam
lighting design: Ken Hioco
lighting: Pierre Willems
sound: Mark Dedecker
special thanks: Kasia Tórz

In co-operation with Lizzy Timmers, Maarten van Otterdijk and Henrike Commichau.
In co-production with Theaterhaus Jena and Needcompany.
Part of the development of Goldberg Variations was done in Jena in the context of the dance festival Theater in Bewegung, and was presented under the title BACH! on November 6th 2019.

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