Following the success of Isabella’s room (2004), which looked at Lauwers’ family history, he is now exploring the history of Hertmans’ family, somewhere between art and war, and in the midst of the Flemish struggle.

A struggle between dogged rhythmicality and melodious syrup in the ritualization of the sale of truth. A truth which, like all truths, says it is the ‘real truth’, in contrast with the other truths: the amazement at almost nothing.

‘No one can sustain constant praise of life. Death or, rather, the finiteness of human life deserves a song or a dance too.’

Jan Lauwers starts out from the performers’ family trees and is writing a new story based on their various nationalities, cultures and languages.

25 March 2017
Needcompany has moved to Molenbeek

After 23 years, Needcompany is moving from the centre of Brussels to the former Gosset tobacco factory in Gabrielle Petitstraat in Molenbeek. This multifaceted building was built by the art deco architect Adrien Blomme between the wars. The move launches a new and important stage in Needcompany’s thirty-year existence; it opens the doors to young creatives, because the aim is to make this building more broadly accessible. One example is Kuiperskaai, a collective of performers, musicians, artists and writers, which will be given a workspace.

29 March 2017
Jan Lauwers and Dirk Braeckman in Bozar

In 2013, Dirk Braeckman was invited to become part of the installation/performance ‘The House of Our Fathers’ by Jan Lauwers & Needcompany in Hannover. This resulted in a series of photos entitled ‘The House of Our Fathers, a sketchbook’, which sheds new light on this installation and performance. It is a baroque interpretation of Jan Lauwers’ work by Dirk Braeckman.

A selection of Braeckman’s photos are currently exhibited in confrontation with new work by Jan Lauwers in Bozar. A juxtaposition of the two worlds. A larger selection of works is shown in the artist book that Dirk Braeckman and Jan Lauwers are publishing together in association with MER. Paper Kunsthalle.

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October 2017
05 OctFOREVERAntwerpen
11 OctThe blind poetParis
12 OctThe blind poetParis
13 OctThe blind poetParis
14 OctThe blind poetParis
15 OctThe blind poetParis
17 OctThe blind poetParis
18 OctThe blind poetParis
19 OctThe blind poetParis
20 OctThe blind poetParis
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October 2017
11 OctThe blind poet
12 OctThe blind poet
13 OctThe blind poet
14 OctThe blind poet
15 OctThe blind poet
17 OctThe blind poet
18 OctThe blind poet
19 OctThe blind poet
20 OctThe blind poet
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