De Tragedie Van Het Applaus – Roubaix (Kunstenaars)

OHNO COOPERATION (BE, 2006) is a Needcompany splinter-group that embodies the collaboration between Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers as a duo of curators and artists. They take the role of the fool very seriously. The fool was able to say anything to the king with impunity. Up to now this has been expressed in the study of, reflection on and making music, visual work and performances: The Grenoble Tapes (2006), O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. (2006), So man, (2007), The OHNO Cooperation Conversation On The O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. Ontology (2007). Variations on the installations and performances have already been shown separately in Temps d’Images (La Ferme du Buisson, 2006), SPIELART (Munich, 2007) and BOZAR (Brussels, 2007). These installations/performances were first shown together in the form of an OHNO cooperation evening in künstlerhaus mousonturm (Frankfurt) and CAMPO (Ghent). For The Tragedy Of The Applause - Roubaix they have invited several artists / musicians and will be pondering on why pop music has never questioned itself. This is an exhibition/happening put together under their curatorship. In this exhibition they will present O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O and The OHNO Cooperation Conversation On The O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. Ontology. On this occasion, the O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O tent will provide the venue where all the artists taking part will be making music together (OHNO GIGtime).

NICOLAS FIELD (UK/CH, 1975) is a sound artist and drummer. He has worked in a variety of projects encompassing contemporary music and jazz, improvisation and electronics for dance and theatre performances. He also builds sound installations. Ongoing projects are: Buttercup Metal Polish with Alexandre Babel, Phô with Morten J. Olsen & Bjornar Habbestad, Le doigt de Galilee with Jaime Fennelly and The Same Girl with Gilles Aubry. Nicolas was a co-founder of the N-Collective. He has worked/played with PSI, Damo Suzuki, Otomo Yoshihide Jazz ensemble, Keiji Haino, Antoine Chessex, Æthenor, Jacques Demierre, Michel Doneda, Seijiro Murayama, Rova 4tet, Tom Tlalim, Robert van Heumen and Anthony Pateras among others and has given concerts in Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and the USA.
Think Thrice is a semi-interactive installation that acts as a filter, revealing visually and sonically conceived processes which one does not necessarily control, or which are controlled by others.

FRITZ WELCH (USA, 1967) lives and works in Glasgow (Scotland). He is an artist who explores both the visual and the musical world. His installations are often put together on site and involve mural drawings, sounds and images. In this setting he gives live performances using sound and music on the basis of improvisation. He has exhibited his work at Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Vienna), The Drawing Center (New York), Alma Enterprises (London), Transmission (Glasgow) and elsewhere. As a musician he is a member of the bands Peeesseye, Brittle Hammer Trio and Lambs Gamble.
Brundlefly Soundings Caravan (2009) is ‘A self generating residue cluster with automatic drawings of plunder-phonic musings, sculptures of supernatural entities and the sound of cathartic unravellings.’

ROMBOUT WILLEMS (NL, 1953) is a musician and composer. He lives and works in Haarlem. He recently exhibited work in the group exhibition Censored Pornography at De Service Garage (Amsterdam). He has composed music for several Needcompany productions by Grace Ellen Barkey & Jan Lauwers. He also teaches at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and in the Modern Dance Department at the Amsterdam College of Arts.
In his receive-send-receive sound installation (2009) he creates an auditory image using feedback generated by the spectator’s presence.

LIQUID ARCHITECTURE (FR, 2003) is a dance rock group headed by Jérôme Sans and Audrey Mascina. Their music has since the beginning engaged in ongoing dialogue with art, theatre, film and fashion. Every appearance, in the form of a photo, film, video or concert, is made in cooperation with a particular artist. They have for example previously worked with Virginie Barré, Fabien Verschaere, Bruno Peinado, Jonas Mekas, Araki, Sam Samore, Matthieu Laurette, Richard Kern and Kader Attia. For their new album, I Love to Love, they collaborated with Thomas Lélu on the development of a visual idiom that corresponds to their music, aesthetics and character.
Thomas Lélu is an artist and writer. He has taken part in several group exhibitions at the CAPC, Fondation Cartier, the Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris and elsewhere. His latest novel, Le Parisien, was published by Editions Flammarion in September 2009.
In Broadcast Your Life (2009), the audience is invited to make their own clip.

EGILL SÆBJÖRNSSON (IS, 1973) is an artist and musician. He lives and works in Iceland and Berlin. His work consists of sculptures and performances that incorporate music, sound and video. He has previously exhibited in Iceland, Berlin, Vienna, Skopje, Ljubljana and London. In July he brought out the second CD of his own music. Marcia Moraes (Brazil, 1969) is a director and actress. She works with the Jocy de Oliveira Opera Ensemble (Rio de Janeiro) and is an assistant in the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.
In their work The Mind (2009), a play/performance/concert, Egill and Marcia explore the boundaries of the mind.

MAARTEN SEGHERS (BE, 1982) is an artist, musician and performer. It was on Needcompany's Images of Affection (2002) that he first worked with Jan Lauwers. After that he composed music for all the theatre and dance productions by Lauwers and by Grace Ellen Barkey.
So, man,... is an installation comprising objects that express the ambiguity of Seghers’ ambition of scoring points in the pop media, and results in a total clearout. Audio installations such as a microphone above an empty box function on the basis of a discretionary call for the revaluation of the world, which consists of residues, noise and a void that remains after interest and virtuosity, have been lost.

JAN LAUWERS (BE, 1957) is an artist who uses just about every available medium in his work. Over the last twenty years he has gained an international reputation for his pioneering work for the stage and his legendary theatre company, Needcompany, which was founded in Brussels in 1986. Since then he has built up a substantial oeuvre of visual work that has been shown in a retrospective at BOZAR in Brussels (2007) and elsewhere.
For The Tragedy Of The Applause he has created Last Guitar Monster.

JEAN-MARC MONTERA (FR) is a guitarist who specialises in free improvisation and sound experiments. He plays solo and also in several groups (AMP, The Room, Meditrio) and has collaborated with Fred Frith, André Jaume, Barre Phillips, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo and others. In 1978 he founded GRIM (Group of Musical Research and Improvisation).
He will be a special guest at OHNO GIGtime during the opening weekend for The Tragedy Of The Applause.

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