presented ‘The Tragedy of the Applause – Roubaix’. During this happening-cum-exhibition, OHNO COOPERATION and the artists it had invited asked why pop music has never questioned itself.

26th, 27th and 28th November 2009 were three days of sensory performance, when artists produced work based on the question of the creation and perception of pop music. What remained are traces - sounds and images - which could be seen in the form of an exhibition at La Condition Publique in Roubaix.

What the artists taking part had in common is that they ‘observed’ pop music. The questions they asked are those that real pop musicians never ask: ‘What is the meaning of a microphone? What is the meaning of feedback? Why do pop musicians all use the same lighting? Why do we all know the first three words of a pop song, but never what comes next?

OHNO COOPERATION invited the artists to perform new songs, compositions and improvisations, playing the music themselves.

Happening/group exhibition compiled by:


With installations, performances and music by:
Rombout Willems, Nicolas Field, Fritz Welch,
Egill Sæbjörnsson & Marcia Moraes, Liquid Architecture & Thomas Lélu, Jan Lauwers, Maarten Seghers

A OHNO COOPERATION / Needcompany / La Condition Publique (Roubaix) production.
In collaboration with La Rose des Vents (Scène Nationale), Next Festival.